Sales Partnership

We will find any items you want, such as interior accessories, ornaments, etc., and deliver them.
Thorough quality inspection Of course, you will be a reliable partner in your business with reasonable fees.
We have a Buying Office in China.

Who are JITIM sales partners?

The small space and short time in the store without disturbing the sales of existing stores, you want to take advantage of your salary
- We display sample figure in sales store, and simple consultation sale to customer who inquires
- Figure sample itself acts as an interior accessory, causing sales synergy
- Screen golf, Indies, Postpartum care, Wedding shop, Photo shop, Coffee shop, Restaurant , Cellphone store, Souvenir shop, Pet shop, Animal hospital, Optician shop, Small store, Editing shop, Flower shop, Furniture store, Kindergarten etc.

An active and sociable representative who wants to work as a non-store.
- Sell ​​sample figures without store or through networking or visiting consultation
- In addition to real figures, it is effective for sales of mass-produced products and establishment of sales partnerships.

What is the profit of the affiliate store selling figures?

Sales Revenue: Exhibits , Sales
- Sale Items: Real Figures , Custom Figures , Premium Figures , Bust
- Sales revenue: Up to 25%, up to 20% return

Introduction Revenue: Connecting customers with services and special products to headquarters
- Services: 3D Modeling , 3D Scanning , 3D Printing , Finishing , Painting , Duplication
- Special product: movie , animation , game character , order production figure , prototype , model
- Special product: movie , animation , game character , order production figure , prototype , model
- Introduction Revenue: Even if you only introduce to the head office, if the contract is concluded, 20%

What are the benefits of JITIM sales partnership?

Become a JITIM sales partner for 1 year free of charge.

Realize the best return on your business by investing in short time and simple customer response
- A simple sales operation with sales inquiries just by displaying samples in stores
- Minimize waste of time and effort by direct customer service after sales

With high profitability and diversified profit structure
- In addition to sales revenue, various profit structures

Establishment of a system that allows customers to confirm the product design in order to minimize customer claims
- Premium figure made by skilled top designers
- Providing the best products through technical cooperation with Korean companies

What is the condition of JITIM sales partnership?

Sales affiliate fee: Free
- You can become a free sales partner without one year subscription fee.
- If you want to continue to sell after a one-year contract expires,
- Free one piece of real figure (rental deposit: 100,000Kyats)
- Paid sales partner: Subscription fee 500,000Kyats, 2 year contract terms
- When paying a contract, you will receive a free-of-charge real figure free of charge.
- Free pamphlet and pamphlet stand
- We can open business anywhere in Myanmar regardless of region. However, online sales are not available.
- Sales partnerships are available only to individuals or businesses.