Premium Figures

Is it a real person or a figure?

Not only the face of the customer, but also the actual clothes can be clothed as well as the body, and even the head can be expressed as real.
Top-level designers directly model and paint.
Sizes and quantities are optional and prices vary depending on conditions.

Wedding figures, celebrity figures, display figures, etc.

Stage 1
If you send 3 ~ 5 character pictures, our Senior Designer models them directly in 3D.

Step 2
After the modeling of the customer is confirmed , the character figure is output with the high performance laser 3D printer.

Step 3
The costume designer directly makes clothes and makes hair.

Step 4
After the finished figure is finished, senior coloring designer hand- paints directly by hand.

If you want to express yourself more accurately, you can visit our company and scan the whole body for free. In case of business scan, separate travel expenses will be charged.